Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tiramisu Ice Cream (No Churn/Ice Cream, Eggless) | Recipe

This recipe combines all of the mature flavors of your classic Tiramisu, in a cold, soft and creamy ice-cream form. This is absolutely perfect at times when you crave something creamy and cold under the hot rays of summer. I love this recipe because it is SO easy- there is no need to churn or buy an additional ice cream maker just to make delicious ice cream. Thanks to the condensed milk in the recipe, it provides a depth of richness, and, the condensed milk and alcohol in this never actually freezers hard and firm, so it leaves your ice cream with minimal ice crystals for a soft and dreamy texture- reminiscent of a luscious gelato.
The decadence of this ice cream goes really well with the sponge fingers in this recipe, as they soften up in the freezer into miniature sponge cakes for a variety of textures, as the ice cream gently melts in your mouth. The magic about making homemade ice cream is that you know what will be in it, unlike with many store-bought brands, where they have ingredients you can't even pronounce! Enough with the talking, here's the recipe:

Tiramisu Ice Cream Recipe                                                                                   Recipe by iSaamuel
300ml of Heavy Whipping Cream,
1/2 - 3/4 Cup of Condensed Milk (Depending on your personal preferrence of sweetness),
1 Tablespoon of Coffee Extract or 1 Tablespoon of a Coffee Liquer,
125g of Mascarpone Cheese (Softened),
2 Tablespoons of Instant Coffee,

7 Sponge Fingers (Chopped into bite-size pieces),
Your personal choice of nuts (Optional).

1. In a large bowl (as always ;)), whisk together the whipping cream, the condensed milk, and coffee extract/liquer until soft peaks form.
2. Add in the mascarpone cheese and instant coffee, whisking thoroughly until a pale brown colour is achieved.
3. Chop the sponge fingers into bite-size pieces. Fold them in with the nuts into the cream mixture.
I like to use sponge fingers with this recipe, rather than traditional Italian Savoiardi Lady Fingers, because it softens easier, therefore results in almost miniature 'sponge cake pieces' in the end result.
4. Pour this mixture into an air-tight freezable container and freeze for at least 5 hours until the ice cream is cold and set.
5. Scoop and serve this to family and friends to show them that you are the next ice cream maker of the house! Enjoy.

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