Wednesday, 1 March 2017

S'mores Cupcakes | Recipe

1 egg,
120ml buttermilk,
60ml vegetable oil,
1 tsp of vanilla extract,

1/2 tbsp instant coffee,
120ml of hot water,

290g of all-purpose flour,
35g of cocoa powder,
130g of sugar,
1 tsp of baking soda,
1/2 tsp of baking powder,

*Preheat oven to 180C
1. Whisk together the egg, buttermilk, oil and vanilla extract in a large bowl until well combined.
2. Dissolve the coffee in the hot water. Add to the liquid ingredients.
3. Sift in the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda and baking powder. Beat briefly on a low speed until just combined.
4. Scoop the batter into a lined cupcake pan using an ice cream scoop or just a tablespoon measure.
5. Bake cupcakes for 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a cupcake comes out clean.
6. Let cupcakes cool completely on a wire rack.

ICING: 2 egg whites + 1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract (+ optional graham cracker to garnish)

1. Fill a saucepan half way full with water. Simmer on a low to medium heat.
2. Place another pan on top of this saucepan. Add the egg whites and sugar and then whisk immediately.
3. Continue whisking until the sugar is dissolved (i.e no 'gritty' noises made when whisked).
4. Transfer egg whites into a large bowl and whisk until stiff peaks are formed. Fold in the vanilla extract.
5. Transfer to a large piping bag and snip the end off so as to produce a circular, smooth look when piped.
6. Pipe on the cupcakes from the center and swirl out. Decorate with a small graham cracker.
7. Using a flaming device (e.g. kitchen-grade blowtorch), lightly flame the meringue to achieve the golden brown, toasted marshmallow effect. Enjoy!

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