Thursday, 1 December 2016

Green Tea Cake | Recipe

The rich green tea aroma from the soft cake coupled with the lusciously whipped cream is what makes this cake a must-try. Unlike your usual cakes, this is merely subtly sweet and is a perfect companion with a cup of fresh green tea. Enjoy!

Full written recipe
3 egg yolks,
2 tbsp sugar,
2 tbsp milk,
2 tbsp vegetable oil,
60g cake flour,
2 tbsp pure green tea / matcha powder,

3 egg whites,
4 tbsp sugar,

1 cup of whipping cream,
1/4 cup of sugar

1. Cream together the egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl until pale and thick.
2. Whisk in the milk and vegetable oil until smooth and homogenised.
3. Sift in the cake flour and green tea powder. Whisk gently until smooth and thick.
4. Beat the egg whites and sugar until stiff and glossy peaks form.
5. Fold, using a spatula, in the egg whites little by little into the green tea egg yolk mixture until no streaks of egg whites remain. Make sure not to over mix otherwise you will deflate the air in the batter.
6. Pour batter into a lined sheet cake pan and bake at 180C for 18 to 25 minutes making sure the cake is cooked using a toothpick inserted into the centre.
7. Let cake cool. Whilst doing so, whip up the cream and sugar until soft peaks form. Place cream in a piping bag fitted with a star tip.
8. Cut cake into 6 equal shaped sized squares.
9. Pipe cream around the border of one square and then fill in the center with the rest of the cream.
10. Pop another square on top. Serve by dusting powdered sugar and garnishing with a mint leaf. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Samuel.
    If you let us have the dimensions of your baking tray this recipe would be perfection.

  2. hello, is it just me or the recipe doesn't have baking powder

  3. Can i use olive or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil?

    1. Hi hi! Olive oil and coconut oil are quite strong tasting oils so they may overpower the matcha flavour. I would recommend using lighter oils like vegetable oil or rapeseed oil! Hope this helps.

  4. I made this cake, just as the recipe is printed. It was delicious. I'm not a fan of matcha, but my daughter loves it, do I made it. The whole family loved it

    1. So glad you and your family enjoyed this! Thank you for your lovely comment ❤️

  5. is all purpose flour fine?

    1. The texture won’t be the same; you can buy cake flour or make a substitute using 3/4 cup self-raising flour or all purpose flour with a teaspoon of baking powder + 1/4 cup cornstarch and then weigh out what you need for the recipe.