Friday, 1 November 2019

Instagram Aesthetic Spirulina and Tumeric Lattes | Recipe

1 tsp blue spirulina powder,
a drizzle of vanilla syrup (to taste),
a spalsh of hot water,
1 cup of milk

3/4 tsp tumeric,
1/8 tsp dried, ground ginger,
1 tsp of honey/sweetener of choice,
a splash of hot water,
1 cup of milk


1. In a cup, mix together the spirulina powder, vanilla syrup and hot water until a smooth paste is formed.
2. Heat and steam the milk using a milk frother or traditionally using a steam wand if you have an espresso machine.
3. Pour the milk into the spirulina mix. Decorate with edible flowers (optional).

1. Mix together the tumeric, ginger, sweetener and hot water until smooth in a cup.
2. Heat and steam the milk as above and pour directly into the tumeric mix.
3. Serve hot/warm. Decorate with edible flowers if desired.

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