Friday, 27 March 2020

Dalgona Coffee | Recipe

This whipped coffee drink is all the trend right now on TikTok and Instagram, and rightly so! It's sweet, creamy and delicious and super easy to make. It requires only three ingredients that almost everyone has in their homes. This is a perfect recipe for you to make in quarantine! 

1 tbs instant coffee, 
1 tbs white sugar, 
1 tbs hot water, 
1 cup of milk, 
ice (optional).

1. In a small bowl, add the coffee, sugar and hot water and mix briefly with a spoon.
2. Using an electric whisk or milk frother, whisk this mixture on medium speed until soft peaks are formed.
3. In a cup, pour in a few ice cubes (around 5-6).
4. Pour your milk of choice on top of the ice.
5. Dollop the whipped coffee mixture on top.
6. Mix well before drinking!

Top tips:
  • You can whisk the coffee mixture by hand but it will take a long time so it is best to opt for an electric mixer.
  • Make sure you used INSTANT COFFEE GRANULES for best results as this is what makes the coffee whip up. If you use instant espresso powder it may not whip up so bear this in mind. Also, ground coffee used for espresso won't work for this.

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