Sunday, 1 November 2020

Fancy Éclairs (6 Ways) | Recipe

33ml of milk,
33ml of water,
30g of unsalted butter,
40g of flour,
75g of egg

380ml of heavy cream,
2 tbs vanilla sugar

50g white chocolate,
3-5 drops of gel red food coloring,
freeze dried raspberry pieces 

50g white chocolate,
1 tsp blue spirulina powder,
edible blue glitter spray,
2 chopped blueberries

50g white chocolate,
1 tsp instant coffee,
edible gold glitter sugar,
chopped nuts of choice

cocoa powder,
some of your leftover whipped cream

remaining whipped cream,
3 tbs milk,
agave syrup,
3 popcorn pieces

remaining whipped cream,
3 tbs milk,
1 tsp pandan extract,
toasted pumpkin seeds

1. In a large saucepan, melt together the milk, water and butter on low to medium heat.
2. Once butter is melted, stir in the flour until a soft dough forms. A film should appear on the bottom of the pan. Switch off the heat and place the dough in a large bowl.
3. Let the dough completely cool before stirring in the beaten egg gradually. A soft yet thick and pipeable batter should be formed.
4. Place this batter into a piping bag fitted with a round tip.
5. Pipe equal sized oblong shapes onto a lined baking sheet using gentle and even pressure.
6. Place the eclairs into the oven at 180c for 15 minutes and then at 160c for 10 minutes.
8. Once baked, let the eclairs cool. Meanwhile, create the cream filling.

1. Whip together the cream and sugar until soft peaks form.
2. Poke two to three holes at the bottom of each eclair using a chopstick/piping tip. Ensure you don't poke all the way through to the other side of the eclair.
3. Pipe cream into each eclair, stopping when it feels full.

4. Melt white chocolate and mix in the red food coloring. Prop the eclair onto a tall, small cup/glass and pour this chocolate evenly to coat the whole eclair. Sprinkle on the dried raspberry pieces before the chocolate hardens. Transfer onto a baking sheet lined with a sheet of parchment paper.
5. Repeat the above step but replace the food coloring with the spirulina powder. Pour the chocolate onto the eclair as above. Spray the eclair with the blue glitter spray and decorate with the blueberries.
6. Repeat step 4 but replace the food coloring with instant coffee. Pour this onto the eclair as above. Sprinkle on generous amounts of the gold sugar and chopped nuts.

7. Pipe on blobs of some of the left over whipped cream onto an eclair until the top is covered. Dust with cocoa powder.
8. Using some of the remainder whipped cream, mix to it 3 tbs of milk to thin it out. Pour this onto an eclair and then decorate with the popcorn pieces before drizzling on agave syrup.
9. Repeat the above but add 1 tsp of pandan extract. Decorate with pumpkin seeds.
10. Ensure all of these eclairs are placed onto the baking sheet described in step 4. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

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