Hi, my name is Samuel. I'm a college student who loves traveling to new places and getting inspiration from different cultures and finding out how their cuisine differs to what I'm used to. Whenever I travel somewhere, I have to have dessert! There's just something so special about eating a well-made, sweet dessert at the end of a heavy meal. (No matter how big of a meal I have, I always have room for dessert!)

Inspired by my father who is and has been a chef for over 20 years, I have grown up to love the kitchen. It's a place where I can relieve my stress through kneading and punching dough or crushing cookies with a rolling pin! During my spare time, the one thing I love to do most is bake. I just love the satisfaction you get after seeing your hard work pay off in the result of a delicious dessert, or the thrill and excitement of experimenting and trying out new recipes. Furthermore, nothing else makes me happier than to see the endless smiles on those who eat what I make and receiving compliments because at the end of the day, it all makes me think it is worth it.

How did the name 'iSaamuel' come about?
Back in 2009 when I binged watched a copious amount of baking tutorials, I got inspired and decided to start my own channel. I found that most baking tutorials were usually someone talking to the camera with not much focus on the food. So I decided to make a channel that moves away from that, and instead I chose to focus on the food, ingredients and most importantly, technique. When choosing a username, I originally wanted to use the name 'iSamuel' but it was already taken so I decided to add an extra 'a' to my name because adding the other letters didn't quite fit in as well. It's as simple as that!

I also started making videos because I understood that written recipes were difficult to follow. Also, it's hard to see if you had the texture correct, and let's not forget, many recipes don't always tell you the tips and tricks or the do's and dont's, so I'll ensure that my website and YouTube channel can offer as much information as I can.
Most importantly, through my videos, I'm also able to share my passion and love of baking with you!

Let's enjoy this baking journey together!
Happy baking!